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Local Boy Scouts Learn About Aviation and the ICON A5

The Virginia Department of Aviation had a chance to test out its new ICON A5 educational display to teach Boy Scouts about aviation on Saturday, October 17. DOAV Engineer Alton Jordon wanted to show his son and fellow scouts the ICON A5 since the group was already launching rockets as an aviation activity. He partnered with PR Specialist Kim Wells, who is the lead of the ICON A5 Program and they both explained how the aircraft worked while allowing the kids to sit inside the airplane and ask questions. DOAV Communications and Education Director, John Campbell drove the display and helped clean the aircraft.

Safety measures were taken to be sure that this event was safe. The aircraft was wiped down before and after each kid sat inside, masks were worn by all attendees and the scouts wore gloves to help prevent the spread of germs and reduce fingerprints.

Each child received a goody bag that included the ICON A5 fact sheet, a balsa airplane, an aviation calendar and other educational materials. The scouts and chaperones enjoyed the ICON A5 experience and are eager to visit it again in 2021 when the full display is set to debut.