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Flight Safety Foundation Establishes UAS Advisory Committee

The Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) has launched the autonomous and remotely piloted aviation systems (ARPAS) advisory committee to address safety considerations in unmanned autonomous and semi-autonomous flight operations. The advisory committee will also serve as a forum on international unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) safety policy and practices.

“Autonomous and semi-autonomous technology is evolving rapidly and it is critical that we work together to understand what is required to safely enable diverse uses of these new kinds of passenger and cargo operations, and to safely integrate them into the airspace,” said FSF president and CEO Hassan Shahidi.

The ARPAS committee will lead the development of “consensus-based safety recommendations and policies, the fostering of global safety information sharing, and serve as a bridge between the traditional and unmanned aviation communities,” he said.

ARPAS membership will include UAS operators, advanced air mobility providers, manufacturers, researchers, and non-government organizations, as well as stakeholders from the broader aviation community (including commercial and general aviation), airports, and regulators. One of the committee’s first efforts will be in UAS support of humanitarian missions.