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Flight Advisory - Increased Low Level Flight Formations - Washington, DC

The FAA advises pilots that there will be increased low level Flight Operations being conducted in the Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area on 25 September 2020 from 1100 - 1300 local, 5,000 feet and below. There will be multiple flight formations inbound from the Culpeper, VA, Manassas, VA and Leesburg, VA areas to the Washington DC Mall area. Operators are requested to avoid these areas and use extreme caution. Helicopter operations, except for law enforcement and air ambulance operators, are requested to avoid the use of helicopter routes 1 and 4 and adjacent zones. If operating nearby, please monitor Guard or ATC frequencies for advisories. Pilots should also check NOTAMS frequently for any possible changes.

The FAA point of contact for these operations is the Security Operations Support Center (SOSC), available 0700-2300 Eastern, phone 202-267-8276.