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Disinfecting Aircraft Requires Proper Substances and Care

An educational message from the FAA:

These days, all we hear about is getting the face mask on and disinfecting wherever and whenever possible.  Keeping your aircraft or rental aircraft disinfected can mean introducing chemicals to the aircrafts interior that may be doing more bad than good.

As an industry leader in education, AOPA has provided a link to some additional information on the topic. Please read David Tulis’ top story at:

As pilots and mechanics, we should know that the certification process of any US built aircraft includes placarding.   Aircraft placards are placed in the cockpit to assist the pilot in completing required system checks or as a reminder of operational limits.  They are also used to insure ground personnel use proper procedures for ground handling such as fuel or towing restrictions.   

Please review 14 CFR Part 91.9, Civil Aircraft flight manual, marking, and placarding requirements found here:

Placard integrity is generally subject to exposure of the sun, can become fragile due to age, and may be destroyed by the lightest touch let alone being cleaned with disinfecting chemicals.  Use care when disinfecting your aircraft with alcohol or similar based cleaning products.  Be advised that any loss of placard data, no matter how small, may require the attention of an authorized mechanic to correct.   

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