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NBAA Survey Finds Many Covid-related Furloughs Recalled

An NBAA survey has revealed that more companies used furloughs rather than layoffs during the Covid-19 pandemic and that many of those affected have returned to work. The survey, conducted as part of NBAA’s larger annual Compensation Survey, drew the participation of 175 companies, the majority of which have between one and 20 employees.

Pilots felt the greatest impact of the furloughs, according to NBAA's results. The survey found that of those that had pilot workforce reductions, 41 percent had furloughs, while 29 percent had layoffs, and another 29 percent had both. As for non-pilot-related reductions, 46 percent had furloughs, 38 percent had layoffs, and 15 percent had both.

According to NBAA, “More than half of the organizations returned to work in June and are implementing a broad spectrum of approaches to accommodate employees and ensure safety.” While the organization included a Covid-related survey, the larger Compensation Survey queries flight departments of all sizes across the country, providing a “reasonable approximation of the marketplace,” the association said.