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Honorary Flyover for Alfred Thomas Farrar Held in Lynchburg

Fourteen planes flew through the cold, cloudy Lynchburg sky Saturday, December 26, 2020 to recognize the service and devotion of one man who was part of a landmark group of pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen.

Alfred Thomas Farrar would’ve turned 100 years old that day, and a group of men who’d never met him flew over his home near Rivermont Avenue to honor him.

Saturday’s flyover was largely coordinated by Andrew Crider, a pilot who read a News & Advance article on Farrar and was inspired to organize a celebratory flyby. He said the entire aviation community played a part to help pull together a plan for Farrar’s birthday.

“Alfred Farrar — he mattered,” said Crider. “His story mattered, his legacy mattered, and I think that’s why we had everyone turn out today.”

Crider, of Vienna, Virginia, networked across social media groups and mailing lists to rally pilots for the occasion. Some others flew to Lynchburg Regional Airport from out of state to participate.

Look at the pictures and read more about this honorary flyover.