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Warrenton-Fauquier Airport’s New Terminal is Modern Yet Historical

The feeling you get when you drive up the new road and see the new terminal building is surely a wow factor. The building pays a tribute to the history of the airport with the brick layout transitioning into the modern building look detailed with the grey metal.

The terminal is very pilot- and aviation-friendly just like it always has been, but now has more room to accommodate the growing airport. Aviation décor tells the story of past events, staff, pilots and aircraft. The Virginia Department of Aviation is included on the family wall of photos with a picture that shows Sarah Patton, a local pilot and Potomac TRACON air traffic controller, visiting John Hart and Kim Wells at the DOAV trailer at Sun n’ Fun last year. Very tall windows are placed all around the building for a beautiful view of the active runway. There is even a balcony on the second floor, which provides a perfect location for plane spotting.

Locals stop in to watch the airplanes and talk aviation with the staff, and this helps keep the sense of community in Midland, Virginia, especially during the pandemic. The airport manager, Dave Darrah, is very appreciative of all the sponsors, tenants, traffic and fuel purchases that continue to help the airport and aviation community grow. He looks forward to holding events in this new building in the future.