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Virginia Aviation Awards Update

Good news fellow aviation enthusiasts; after numerous budget discussions, it has been decided that the agency can purchase plaques for the Virginia Aviation Award winners!

The award ceremony will not be held at the aviation conference this year, but there will be a virtual event to recognize the winners. There will be more details about this event next month. We truly appreciate your help in identifying those who deserve to be recognized within the aviation field. We are asking that you think about the people and projects that help make aviation so remarkable in Virginia.

Any person who has provided a service in any field of aviation can be nominated for our Virginia Aviation Awards. Example services for nominees include: airport development, improvement, community relations, aviation education, promotion, safety services, aviation technology, aviation policies, flight instructing, aircraft maintenance, and aviation events.

All nominations must be submitted to the Virginia Department of Aviation by 5pm on August 7th, 2020. A committee will review the nominations and make a selection based upon qualifications.

The nomination forms can be found on our website or email