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The Military Aviation Museum will reopen on June 5

There will be new hours along with social distancing guidelines that visitors must follow. The Museum will be open daily from 9am-10am for seniors and those with Compromised Immune Systems and 10am until 5pm for all other visitors.

The staff is working diligently to prepare the museum for visitors, and wanted to tell you just a little bit more about what they will be doing to keep you all safe!

  • Renovated the Museum Store and Lobby to allow guests to practice Physical Distancing. They will also be utilizing the museum’s ramp space (weather permitting) to display some airplanes to allow people to spread out and respect each other’s space.
  • Continuing our rigorous schedule of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door handles, restrooms, etc. The cleaning schedule will be posted where it is visible on especially high-touch areas.
  • The Museum Store will continue to make use of Online Ordering and In-Store Pickup options to provide you flexibility while you shop.
  • Mask (cloth face covering) usage on the part of staff and visitors in the Museum is mandatory.
  • The Museum is instituting a sick patron policy which will require that those who are sick, symptomatic, or caring for someone who is sick visit another time.
  • Continue to offer free content and programs online for those practicing social distancing and remaining in their homes.
  • High traffic areas of the museum will have a flow pattern marked on the floor to aid visitor distancing efforts.

Military Aviation Museum