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Sporty’s Offers New Course - Get Started Learning to Fly

Sporty’s Pilot Shop is offering a new course for those who may be interested in learning to fly but have questions about how to get started.

The free course, called Get Started with Learning to Fly, features videos, articles, and other resources for the new pilot.

This includes:

  • Four video segments covering the basics of learning to fly, finding a flight school, and what a first lesson looks like
  • A 12-part article series that addresses common questions, like Part 61 vs. 141 schools, FAA medical requirements, and cost
  • A flight school directory, searchable by zip code, with contact information for nearby schools
  • A high-resolution Cessna 172 cockpit poster, great for getting acquainted with a common training airplane
  • Links to other resources and essential pilot supplies.

The course works on a variety of devices, including web browsers, iOS devices, and Android devices. The course is 100% free, but registration is required. You can sign up at

New Getting Started Course Available in Pilot Training App