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Sons and Daughters Restore Nimrod’s A-26

Few people have heard of the 609th Special Operations Squadron, which operated under the call sign “Nimrods,” and even fewer have ever seen their trademark aircraft, the Douglas A-26K Counter-Invader in flight over American skies. Today, more than 40 years later, their experiences are coming to light and being honored by some of the very people their efforts sought to protect, their sons and daughters.

Thanks to the A-26 Legacy Foundation, made up of a small group of sons and daughters of Nimrod crewmembers, the last airworthy aircraft of its type is now flying across the United States. The mission of this aircraft is to fly in honor of the Nimrods, giving the public the opportunity to learn about their clandestine, but heroic, mission.

Sons and Daughters Restore Nimrods A-26