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Tips to Ensure You're Ready to Safely Fly Again

It’s Summer time and as some shelter in place restrictions lift, it’s time to get back in the skies and take flight.

Before getting back in the cockpit after an aviation hiatus — no matter how long — all pilots need a mental and virtual flight review. Go over your checklists, remind yourself of V-speeds and power settings, review emergency procedures, and picture yourself going through the various scenarios on what you should do. 

Your aircraft may be dusty and dirty from sitting and now is the time to give your aircraft some TLC with a thorough cleaning. Be sure to look over the aircraft to see if anything is loose or leaking.   

Be sure to check yourself to ensure you are physically and mentally ready to get back in the cockpit. These past months of stress and possible illness have taken a toll on our physical and mental health. Take a mental inventory on how you feel and ask whether you are fit to fly.

Be safe out there and enjoy the beauty of flight!

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