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National Model Aviation Day

The ninth annual National Model Aviation Day took place on Saturday, August 15.  The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) commemorated the event, celebrating the importance of model aviation for inspiring creativity and advanced learning, through hands-on activities.

This year, AMA invited the public to explore the hobby at home with quick model aircraft projects for kids - great for STE(A)M learning. Some AMA clubs also hosted socially distanced outdoor events in their communities, in compliance with local COVID-19 safety guidelines.

 "National Model Aviation Day is an opportunity for everyone to experience the joy of flying - and maybe learn a little something along the way," said Chad Budreau, executive director of AMA. "For decades, model aviation has been a beloved pastime, a hands-on approach to learning, and even a pathway to future careers. We are excited to continue this tradition and share the model aviation hobby with more people."

 AMA has curated 20 quick model aviation projects for kids and adults of all ages. The projects help teach the principles of flight by building various model aircraft, using common household supplies most people already have at home.

More information, as well as printable project guides, are available at AMA Flight School .