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Mountain Empire Airport Grateful for Corporate and Military Activity

Parallel to Interstate 81 in Smyth County, Virginia, you can find this gem of an airport and the increase of military activity can be seen and heard from the ground.

Mountain Empire Airport (KMKJ) has a thriving corporate and military activity despite the pandemic. Just in the month of June alone, they have pumped over 12,000 gallons of JetA and over 1,000 gallons of AvGas! The airport has installed concrete pads designated for the V-22 Ospreys which provide a safe parking area and prevents heat damage to the ramp.

Due to this extensive flow of corporate and military traffic, the airport has sparked an interest in aviation within the community. The public have been visiting the airport to see the impressive V-22 Ospreys and other military aircraft and this has led to more people asking about how they can get involved with aviation.

Mountain Empire Airport also deep cleans their terminal daily and encourages those who have the virus or are showing signs of the virus to please refrain from the using the facilities. Please visit their Facebook page or website for more updates, stories and photos from the airport.