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Insuring Against COVID-19

Emirates Airline is offering customers COVID-19 insurance in an effort to fill its planes.  And the airline has started flying it A380s after parking them for four months due to the pandemic.

Emirates is providing passengers with free global coverage for COVID-19-related medical expenses.  Any passenger diagnosed with COVID-19 within 31 days of flying Emirates will have up to $180,000 in medical expenses covered and be paid up to $120 per day for quarantine costs.  The insurance is valid for all Emirates flights not just those on the A380s.  The insurance program is in addition to the mandatory COIVD-19 testing at both ends of each flight along with strict measures in the aircraft as a way to boost consumer confidence and get people to fly once again.

The super jumbo A380s, which offer 500 seats in a double-decker layout, are in use in six long-haul routes including one to Toronto, Canada.