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Hybrid Deicing Machine

With temperatures in the 90s and high humidity making it feel even hotter, it’s difficult to be thinking about the need for a more environmentally friendly deicing machine, but Vestergaard Company sees a growing demand for its electric hybrid version that could prove popular as the temperatures drop.

Lars Barsoe, vice president of sales and marketing at Vestergaard, says the demand for a non-diesel solution is driven by the appeal of reduced emissions and, as a result, a smaller environmental footprint. What’s more, exhaust from diesel engines powering deicers has been a focal point at many airports, particularly where aircraft are deiced at the gate, as space is often cramped and the fumes are not easily dissipated.

“We have seen a demand from airports and authorities around the world to move towards electric solutions,” Barsoe says.

Vestergaard developed its Elephant BETA Hybrid deicer in 2019 as part of a company-wide effort to produce machinery powered by alternative energy sources.  The company hopes to be fully fossil fuel free by 2030.

The hybrid version of the deicer is still in an initial phase, Barsoe points out, adding that numerous tests are being conducted in Scandinavia and Canada to earn key certifications.