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HAI Members Pledge "COVID Clean"

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) is urging its members to “take the pledge to be Covid Clean.” Launched on Friday, participating members in HAI's “Covid Clean” program agree to abide by a list of cleaning standards and best practices, including aircraft disinfection between flights and daily deep cleaning, facilities cleaning, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by personnel. Compliant companies will receive HAI-provided emblems, logos, certificates, and text that can be integrated into marketing materials to reassure customers.

“We believe that most of our members are already taking these steps to protect themselves and their customers,” said HAI president James Viola. “We want to assist them in publicizing these efforts so that anyone taking a flight is aware that the company takes their health seriously. Taking the Covid Clean Pledge provides these companies with tools to publicize and demonstrate their commitment to the health and safety of their passengers and crew in a visible and reassuring way.” Viola said the program will help build the level of customer confidence required to eventually return the industry to normal. 

In addition to sanitation best practices, pledge takers promise not to transport anyone who is visibly ill, recommend the use of PPE by passengers, and make PPE available to passengers who need it.

HAI Members Pledge ‘Covid Clean’