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GA Airports Are Vital For Community Success

At cities across America, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) will host small focus groups of 10 or less community and aviation stakeholders to discuss how rural airports serve as the hub of economic development, job recovery and emergency response.  The new program, called General Aviation Advancing America, is designed to encourage dialogue among select participants on how general aviation stakeholders facilitate a community’s success.  Another important goal is to generate ideas on how people can work together to demonstrate and communicate the significant and meaningful contributions of airports and their tenant businesses during a time of immense challenge and change.

 “With General Aviation Advancing America, NATA saw an opportunity to showcase the immense value airports and general aviation businesses contribute to their regions,” said NATA President and CEO Timothy Obitts.  “Without these crucial businesses, the essential roles that general aviation fulfills will cease, leaving a serious void in disaster relief capabilities and diminishing the support of growth and prosperity in many cities.  These focused gatherings are intended to bring key business and community leaders together to discuss how the aviation activity in these cities and towns support well-paying jobs, economic growth, and connection that can empower a community during all crisis phases, throughout recovery, and beyond.”

The first General Aviation Advancing America events will take place in Colorado and Nevada.  An additional gathering may be landing at an airport near you, please check for the upcoming schedule.  If you are interested in hosting at your airport, please contact Ryan Waguespack at