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FAA Requires Reexamination of Some Pilots

The FAA recently sent out a notice advising that individuals holding pilot certificates with various ratings who were tested by Michael A. Puehler of Cincinanati, Ohio must be reexamined to ensure that they meet the standards to hold their certificates and/or ratings.

As a result of an investigation by the FAA of the certification activities of Mr. Puehler, the Administrator determined that there is reason to believe that the competency of the airmen examined by Mr. Puehler from the period of October 2008 through December 2019 is in doubt. All airmen who were tested by and received certificates or ratings from Mr. Puehler during the cited time period (October 2008 through December 2019) will be reexamined by an FAA inspector.

Airmen who renewed their Flight Instructor Certificates or reinstated their Flight Instructor Certificate with Mr. Puehler are also included in this reexamination notice. An airman may be exempted from the reexamination requirement only under the following specific conditions that are listed in the notice.