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FAA Begins to Modernize Aeronautical Charts

The FAA’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO) is cleaning up aeronautical chart supplements and route data to improve the pilot experience in flight planning and flying.

General aviation pilots rely on aeronautical charts and their supplemental information to fly safely and efficiently across the national airspace system, and the FAA is working innovatively to modernize and standardize these tools critical to safe and efficient flying.

FAA aeronautical data experts convene monthly with other members of the NBAA, Airlines for America, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, IATA, Delta and other stakeholders to discuss modernization and standardization of aeronautical data and NOTAMs.

“Simplifying and reducing confusion about our NOTAM information and aeronautical data is incredibly important,” said ATO Technical Training Director Abby Smith, who is leading the agency through the modernization plan.

The FAA is cleaning up aeronautical chart supplements as part of an overall effort to modernize aeronautical information and NOTAMS in response to the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 and the Pilot’s Bill of Rights.

While the chart supplement sections featuring airport data and airport diagrams remain the same, the modernization plan includes a significant cleanup to the “Notices” section. Under the new revision, the section will encompass only essential flight information in support of visual flight rule and instrument flight rule aeronautical charting products. The result is safer NAS operations now that GA pilots have available consistent and easy-to-find critical information for their flight plans. Users should see these changes gradually happen over the next year, and the new formatted supplements to be in place in early 2022.

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