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EAA Celebrates Spirit of Aviation Week

Visiting hundreds of aviation-related companies and seeing the world of flight products is still possible this year during EAA’s Spirit of Aviation Week held during July 21-25 thanks to virtual technology.

EAA is using EXPO-CAD technology that allows each exhibitor to create an online storefront similar to what they would normally have at Oshkosh. Visitors are able to search by company, category, and more to shop and connect with the exhibitors.

“Seeing new products and exploring all the offerings in the one of the world’s greatest aviation marketplaces is part of the Oshkosh experience that we didn’t want to lose in 2020,” said Jack J. Pelton, EAA CEO and chairman of the board. “Thanks to modern virtual technology and the excellent cooperation with our exhibitors and business partners, we’ve brought the Oshkosh marketplace to everyone who will be visiting us during Spirit of Aviation Week as a virtual expo.”

Visitors can visit individual exhibitors as a “window shopper,” or can tag a visit if they’d like more information from a particular company or exhibitor. That allows the exhibitor to reach out and supply the personal contact and in-depth information that is an invaluable part of the AirVenture experience each year.

“Our exhibitors see Oshkosh as the place to connect with the aviation community as much as pilots see it as the place to do their shopping and dreaming,” Pelton said. “Our aim is to keep that connection going this year during Spirit of Aviation Week.”

For more information visit the EAA Spirit of Aviation Week website.