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DeLaurentis Overflies North Pole

Robert DeLaurentis, the “Zen Pilot,” author, and AOPA Opinion Leaders blogger who has been on a quest to overfly both the South and North poles since last November, completed the task July 10, flying over the North Pole on a flight leg marred by system malfunctions and challenging weather.

DeLaurentis embarked on the polar flight in the aircraft named Citizen of the World to focus attention on science, technology, engineering, and math education, and to promote awareness of general aviation. He has blogged extensively about the joys and challenges of the aviation projects he has planned and executed.

This spring, when faced with an unplanned extended stay in Spain because of travel restrictions associated with the spreading coronavirus pandemic, the experience prompted him to urge pilots to do everything they can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

DeLaurentis is a veteran of numerous long-distance flights in GA aircraft. In 2015, he logged a circumnavigation by a nonpolar route.

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