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Chad Weaver Aviation Scholarship Program is Now Accepting Applications

The Chad Weaver Aviation Scholarship Program is available this year with some new opportunities to help you pay for your aviation ground school and flight training. This year the scholarship includes more money that will be reimbursed to each applicant and it covers more training costs to include Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) training.

This scholarship will reimburse $750 to Virginia residents for private pilot ground school and/or flight training or CFI at a Virginia flight school. That’s right, CFI training will now be reimbursed under the Chad Weaver Aviation Scholarship. The program is open to students who began flight training and/or began ground school on or after July 1, 2020. Students must have a current FAA medical. A maximum of 25 scholarships will be awarded, and only one per student. Students who received this scholarship in previous years are not eligible to apply.

You can find the scholarship forms on our website or email for more information.