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Duncan Aviation Debuts Powerplant Apprenticeship

The U.S. Dept. of Labor has endorsed Duncan Aviation’s new Powerplant Apprenticeship program, and eight full-time technicians will begin their 24-month apprenticeships this month.  Duncan Aviation believes this is a proactive approach to finding ways to resolve the critical shortage of skilled technicians expected in the industry in the years to come.

In 2019, the US Department of Labor endorsed Duncan Aviation’s Airframe Apprenticeship program, and the first cohort will be finished with course work in September.

“When we discussed ways to alleviate the shortage of trained and skilled technicians expected industry-wide, we liked the idea of Airframe and Engine Apprenticeship programs because we could offer this career path to our team members, and the A&P certificates they earn are recognized throughout the industry,” said Duncan Aviation’s VP of Aircraft Services Kasey Harwick.

By offering an apprenticeship program to full-time Duncan Aviation team members, who will be prepared over the next 24 months to take their written, oral and practical examinations for their Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) certificates, the company is continuing to ensure that its technicians are fully prepared to provide the highest-quality services in the industry.

Bradley Wales, Duncan’s assistant manager of the engine line, said, “Through a combination of on-the-job experience (OJE), classroom training, hands-on lab work, and supplemental course materials, the engine apprentices will get the work experience and knowledge necessary to become skilled technicians.

Apprentices will be responsible for learning:

  • Reciprocating Engines/Applied Reciprocating Engines
  • Turbine Engines/Applied Turbine Engines
  • Powerplant Ignition Systems/Powerplant Electrical Systems/Fire Protection Systems
  • Aircraft Propeller Systems/Applied Propeller Systems
  • Induction & Fuel Metering/Applied Induction & Fuel Metering
  • Lubrication, Cooling & Exhaust/Applied Lubrication, Cooling & Exhaust
  • ESD (Electric Static Discharge) Awareness & Prevention Training
  • Aviation Human Factors