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Airports in Virginia Awarded $310 Million in CARES Act Funding

Richmond, Va. – Senators Mark Warner and Timothy Kaine announced that nearly $310 million in federal funding will be shared by 47 of Virginia’s 66 public-use airports through the CARES Act of 2020.  The funds will support continuing operations and replace lost revenue resulting from the sharp decline in passenger traffic and other airport business due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These funds will enable our airports to remain open -- not only to serve passengers but to provide for the movement of medicines, critical equipment and other supplies that are vital to our battle against the Coronavirus,” said Rod Hall, chairman of the Virginia Aviation Board.  “We are grateful to our Congressional delegation who worked diligently and quickly to create the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in order to provide immediate and unprecedented relief to families, workers and businesses in Virginia.”

Mark Flynn, director of the Virginia Department of Aviation, said, “These funds will support airport capital expenditures, airport operating expenses such as payroll and utilities, and airport debt payments.  Tens of thousands of Virginians will benefit from this funding as airports will be able to pay not only their employees but contractors, construction workers and others who work on or around these 47 airports.  And airports will be able to purchase products from Virginia businesses enabling those companies to pay their employees.”

DOAV’s Airport Services Division Director Cliff Burnette said, “The 47 airports receiving funds are part of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) – crucial aviation infrastructure assets that ensure a safe, effective and efficient air transportation network.  These grants, totaling $309,729,392.00, to Virginia’s airports range from $143 million to Dulles International Airport down to $1,000.00 for Brookneal/Campbell County and Emporia-Greensville Regional airports.”

Airports are urged to visit for specific information on the use of funds and to see a list of frequently asked questions.

The complete list of airports receiving funding follows and is presented in alphabetical order by jurisdiction as defined by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Jurisdiction                            Airport                                                                   Funding

Abingdon                               Virginia Highlands                                                $69,000

Arlington                               Reagan Washington National                   $85,708,037

Ashland                                  Hanover County Municipal                                 $30,000

Blacksburg                             Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive            $69,000

Brookneal                              Brookneal/Campbell County                                $1,000

Charlottesville                      Charlottesville-Albemarle                              $6,279,972

Chesapeake                          Chesapeake Regional                                             $69,000

Chesapeake                          Hampton Roads Executive                                   $69,000

Chesterfield                          Richmond Executive-Chesterfield County   $69,000

Culpeper                               Culpeper Regional                                                   $30,000

Danville                                  Danville Regional                                                    $69,000

Dublin                                    New River Valley                                                       $30,000

Dulles                                     Washington Dulles International            $143,395,227

Farmville                                Farmville Regional                                                  $30,000

Front Royal                            Front Royal-Warren County                                $30,000

Halifax                                    William M Tuck                                                          $20,000

Highland Springs                  Richmond International                            $18,814,584

Hillsville                                 Twin County                                                               $20,000

Hot Springs                           Ingalls Field                                                                $20,000

Isle of Wight                          Franklin Regional                                                     $30,000

Jonesville                               Lee County                                                                 $20,000

Leesburg                               Leesburg Executive                                                  $69,000

Louisa                                     Louisa County/Freeman Field                             $30,000

Luray                                      Luray Caverns                                                             $30,000

Manassas                               Manassas Regional                                               $157,000

Mattaponi                              Middle Peninsula Regional                                 $30,000

Melfa                                      Accomack County                                                     $30,000

Moonlight                              Emporia-Greensville Regional                              $1,000

Newport News                     Newport News/Williamsburg International    $4,135,878

Norfolk                                   Norfolk International                                      $19,847,270

Orange                                   Orange County                                                            $30,000

Quinton                                 New Kent County                                                       $30,000

Richlands                               Tazewell County                                                        $20,000

Roanoke                                 Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional                    $20,709,748

Smyth Co.                              Mountain Empire                                                       $30,000

South Hill                               Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional                     $30,000

Spencer                                 Blue Ridge                                                                      $69,000

Stafford                                  Stafford Regional                                                        $30,000

Suffolk                                    Suffolk Executive                                                         $30,000

Sutherland                            Dinwiddie County                                                       $30,000

Tangier                                   Tangier Island                                                                $20,000

Tappahannock                      Tappahannock-Essex County                               $30,000

Timberlake                            Lynchburg Regional                                             $6,647,475

Warrenton                            Warrenton-Fauquier                                                    $69,000

Weyers Cave                         Shenandoah Valley Regional                            $2,652,201

Winchester                           Winchester Regional                                                   $69,000

Wise                                       Lonesome Pine                                                               $30,000