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Aviation Safety Forum in Lynchburg

Aviation Safety Forum hosted by Liberty University
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Aviation Safety Forum

Keynote Schedule

DeMoss Hall Grand Lobby
1971 University Boulevard
Lynchburg, Virginia 24515

Building a Healthy Safety Culture in Collegiate and Missionary Aviation

Note: there will be presentations by graduate and undergraduate students both days.

Tuesday, April 18

Time (EDT) Topic Speaker
0930 to 0950 Welcome - Dr. Mitch Morrison and Dr. Rick Roof
0950 to 1025       Safety Culture - Glenn Grubb, JAARS
1115 to 1130       Safety Culture - Scott Trepinski, Envoy
1245 to 1315      Safety Culture Roundtable - Glenn Grubb, Scott Trepinski, Dr. Mitch Morrison

Wednesday, April 19

Time (EDT) Topic Speaker

0915 to 0930  Welcome - Dr. Marc Buntin and Dr. Julie Speakes
0930 to 10000  Safety Leadership - Meredith Boardman, MTSU
1030 to 1115    Safety and Faith Panel - Glenn Grubb, Andrew Walton, Meredith Boardman, Scott Trepinski
1430 to 1530  Human Factors and Safety Culture - Glenn Grubb, JAARS

Andrew Walton
Director of Safety
School of Aeronautics/Freedom Aviation
(434) 582-8517

If you would like to join the seminar virtually, please click the link below.