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Vision, Mission and Values

I. Vision Statement:

The Department of Aviation will support Virginia in being an economic development leader and a gateway to the world by improving and growing Virginia's aviation system and embracing new aviation technologies.

II. Mission Statement:

The Department of Aviation's mission is to:

  • Develop an advanced aviation system that is safe, secure, and fosters economic development;
  • Build an appreciation by the public for the importance of aviation and to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals; and

Provide safe and highly efficient flight services for the Commonwealth's leadership and state agencies.

III. Values

1.  Service -- We are proud to represent Virginia's aviation community.  Providing the highest quality service to our customers is our number one priority.
2.  Professionalism -- We are dedicated professionals working as a team and will treat our customers and each other with courtesy and respect.
3.  Accountability -- We recognize the obligation of staff and the agency as a whole to be responsible for the efficient delivery of services and to disclose the results of our work in a transparent manner to the citizens of the Commonwealth.
4.  Innovation -- We inspire innovative thinking and pursue creative solutions that add value for our customers and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our organization.
5.  Balance -- We strive for healthy life balance in our organization, encouraging community involvement, personal and professional growth, and quality personal relationships.