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Communications and Education

Members of the Communications and Education divisionOur Division supports the DOAV's organizational mission by helping to build the public's appreciation of the importance of aviation and working to inspire the next generation of aviation professionals. Our team manages communication activities to advance outreach efforts, on behalf of DOAV, by sharing relevant messages with a variety of stakeholders such as aviation professionals, student pilots, educators, aviation enthusiasts, the media, and the general public.

We register aircraft in the Commonwealth to establish a relationship with aircraft owners and fund aviation programs in Virginia.

In addition, aviation technology is constantly evolving and we track its advancement and encourage the adoption of new technologies that benefit aviation in the Commonwealth.

What We Do

The Communications and Education Division is comprised of a Public Relations Section and an Aircraft Licensing Section.

The Public Relations Section develops communications resources such as newsletters and brochures, the agency website and social media sites, and press releases.  We also support aviation awareness, education, and workforce development through outreach efforts and activities. We promote Virginia aviation through speaking engagements, industry trade shows, career days and many other public events.

The Aircraft Registration Program registers aircraft in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All aircraft that are owned by residents of the Commonwealth, or owned by nonresidents, if they are located in Virginia more than 90 days in a calendar year period, are required to be registered. The registration requirement includes aircraft which are based at both public-use and private-use airports, heliports and landing areas.

Core Activities

Our team is responsible for:
Aviation Education 
Aviation Awareness
Recognition and Awards Programs

Additionally, our team assists Virginia airports by providing financial and technical resources, and expertise, to support strategic activities such as public relations efforts, advertising campaigns, and marketing programs to help promote aviation related awareness for their facilities.

Our team also registers aircraft in Virginia. 


More About Our Team

John Campbell, Director
(804) 236-3631, ext. 63631

John leads and manages the Department of Aviation's Communications and Education Division. He directs our comprehensive program efforts to promote Virginia's air transportation system, aviation awareness, and economic benefits of airports as well as aircraft licensing and public information programs.


Public Relations & Education Section:

Betty P. Wilson, Public Relations & Education Manager
(804) 225-3783, ext. 53783

Betty promotes aviation in the Commonwealth through programs, digital media, and print publications; develops and manages special events and aviation education programs; administers an aviation promotion grant program for Virginia’s public use airports, and serves as the agency’s Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer.


David Halstead, Public Relations & Education Coordinator
(804) 236-3630, ext. 63630

David promotes aviation in the Commonwealth through coordination of agency participation in trade shows, fly-ins, air shows, etc.; presentation of ICON A-5 programs; production of a newsletter and other publications; and administration of social media sites and agency blog.

Anthony Sotelo, Public Relations & Education Specialist
(804) 774-4634, ext. 44634

This position supports the daily operation of multiple aviation awareness, education, and workforce programs and researches and writes educational and promotional publications for print, web, and social media.



John Campbell, Communications and Education Director


Aircraft Registration Program:

Darcy Vassar, Aircraft Registration Program Manager
(804) 774-4633, ext 44633

Darcy administers compliance with Virginia's aviation laws relating to aircraft registration; supervises and coordinates the aircraft registration program; assembles, evaluates and reports annual based aircraft data; and communicates program requirements to aircraft owners and airport operators.


Jaimi Evans, Aircraft Registration Program Assistant
(804) 774-4631, ext. 44631

Provides customer service to aircraft owners and operators by receiving phone calls and working with walk-in customers; supports aircraft compliance efforts through the daily administration of issuing aircraft registrations and contract carrier permits; and maintains annual survey reports of private-use airports, heliports and landing areas in Virginia to ensure aircraft compliance.


Aviation Technology:

Vacant, Aviation Technology Manager

The Aviation Technology Manager helps guide the Commonwealth's growth and oversight of unmanned aerial systems (drones); ensures the safe integration of manned and unmanned aircraft in the national airspace; monitors emerging aviation technologies; and supports the agency's legislative liaison efforts.