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Airport Services Division

An integral part of DOAV’s mission is to provide financial and technical assistance and expertise to assist eligible airport sponsors for the planning, development, promotion, construction, and operation of airports and aviation facilities.

To that end, our division assists and supports sponsors of public-use airports with a variety of improvement activities which range from planning to construction. Our team is responsible for providing oversight of funding programs.

Our division is responsible for the management of a variety of funding programs for capital improvements (e.g., facility, equipment, and airport maintenance projects) in addition to airport security efforts.

Specialists on our team manage the General Aviation Voluntary Security Certification Program; the licensing program for public-use airports; and the registration program for private-use airports.

We also manage aviation system planning on behalf of the Commonwealth and maintain the Virginia Air Transportation System Plan.

Division Leadership

Vernon Carter web.jpg

Vernon Carter is the Director for the Airport Services Division and is responsible for leading our team’s strategic efforts to manage funding programs, on behalf of DOAV, in addition to managing our team’s delivery of services to airport sponsors and managers, consultants, local governments, and other stakeholders. 

What Our Team Does

The Airport Services Division team has three primary areas of focus:

Staff within each focus area are assigned to individual airports to act as a primary point of contact. You can find a list of airport assignments and Airport Services staff contact information via the airport assignment list .