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Teachers Grant Program

Have you ever considered enhancing your students’ learning experience by integrating aviation into your teaching?    Have you had a great idea for a lesson plan or other class activity with an aviation-related theme that you felt would benefit your students but couldn’t implement because of lack of funding?   The Virginia Department of Aviation’s Teachers Grant Program may be able to assist you!    


  1. A maximum of one grant per individual teacher and/or school per school year is allowed.  
  2. The total amount requested for each grant must not be more than $250.00.  There is a cap on total grant funding for each school year.  Grant applications will be ranked and funded until this cap has been reached.
  3. Funds must be used before the end of the school year in which they are approved.
  4. The requirements listed on the next page must be met in order to apply and, once selected, to be reimbursed.  


  1. Classroom teachers in grades K-12 are eligible to apply.  Grants are available to teachers in any discipline provided that the lesson involves aviation.  
  2. Applications for the 2008/09 school year must be completed and postmarked not later than December 5, 2008.  Applications will be evaluated and successful applicants will be notified in January.  
  3. Successful applicants must complete their program before the end of the year in which the grant is awarded.
  4. Successful applicants must agree to submit a final report to the Virginia Department of Aviation at the completion of the program (not later than the end of the school year in which the grant is awarded).  This report must include: a summary describing the results of the program, any lesson plans developed (at least one is required), how many students benefited from the program, a materials list with costs, and receipts for items purchased.  This report must be received before reimbursement will be made.  
  5. Lesson plans and program summaries may be published in Department of Aviation publications (with credit given).  

Return completed application form to:  

Virginia Department of Aviation
Attn: Betty P. Wilson
5702 Gulfstream Road
Richmond, Virginia 23250-2422
Telephone: (804) 225-3783, ext. 107
FAX: (804) 236-3635

If Selected --  

I agree that before the end of the school year in which I receive this grant, I will complete the project described.  

I will provide a final report on the program to include:

I understand that the Virginia Department of Aviation will reimburse only those amounts approved in the original grant and a reimbursement check will be prepared only upon receipt of the final report.   I further understand that the Virginia Department of Aviation may publish lesson plans and program summaries in their aviation education publications (with credit given).

Teachers Grant Application Form