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Facilities and Equipment (Navigational Aid) Study 2010

As part of continuing Virginia system planning efforts, the Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV) Facility and Equipment (NAVAID) Navaid StudyStudy was undertaken to ensure that the Virginia system airports have appropriate approaches and the lowest practical ceiling and visibility minima.

Effective with the July 5, 2007 U.S. Terminal Procedures publication, there were 200 standard instrument approach procedures to 58 of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s airports. A review found the existing system of airports to be well served with a network of federal and Commonwealth maintained NAVAID, visual guidance, communications, and weather facilities. In addition, the existing instrument approach procedures, as prepared by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), are well written and accurately presented.

The recommendations presented are intended to serve as an independent study prepared for the DOAV’s review and consideration. These recommendations are not intended to take the place of individual airport master plans, environmental or capital improvement planning processes. The contents of this Study do not reflect the official views of the FAA or DOAV, nor are the FAA and DOAV endorsing the Study’s recommended improvements and timelines for programming and funding. All new navigational and lighting aids should be evaluated in accordance with FAA Order 7031.2C “Airway Planning Standard Number 1 – Terminal Air Navigation Facilities and Air Traffic Control Services, ”FAA Publication FAA-APO-8310 “Establishment and Discontinuance Criteria for Precision Landing Systems” and FAA Order 5100.38C “Airport Improvement Program Handbook” regarding FAA funding eligibility.

If an airport Sponsor would like to pursue improvements contained in this Study, they should work with their representatives at the FAA Airports District Office and the DOAV to develop a mutually acceptable development program. All improvements will be required to meet FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) eligibility requirements if Federal AIP funding is desired.

Facilities and Equipment (Navigational Aid) Study 2010 (Summary)

Facilities and Equipment (Navigational Aid) Study 2010 (Final Reportl)

Facilities and Equipment (Navigational Aid) Study 2010 (Final Report - Download only - very large file)

Study Team:

Consultant Team
The Consultant Team for the Study consisted of Delta Airport Consultants, Inc. (prime consultant) and Virginia Tech.

Technical Committee
The Technical Committee for the Study was responsible for project scoping, steering and review. The Technical Committee consisted of the Consultant Team as well as representatives from the DOAV and the FAA. FAA representation included personnel from the Airports Organization, Washington Airports District Office; the Air Traffic Organization, Flight Procedures Group; and the Air Traffic Organization,
Eastern Service Area, Planning and Requirements Group.

For a full copy of the study, contact Vernon Carter at (804) 236-3632 or



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