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Virginia Department of Aviation History and Mission

History of the Virginia Department of Aviation:

From 1928, through July 1, 1979, the former Virginia Division of Aeronautics was a Legislative Branch Agency under the State Corporation Commission. On that date, legislation transferred the Virginia Department of Aviation to the Executive Branch of State Government reporting directly to the Secretary of Transportation

Strategic Summary

I. Vision Statement:

1. We will become the standard of excellence amongst State Aviation Agencies.

2. We will make the Virginia aviation system the model air transportation system, providing Virginia communities economic development opportunities and convenient access to the National air transportation system.

II. Mission Statement:

 Our mission is to:

III. Goals:

1. People - To develop and retain the most effective and qualified staff of State Aviation professionals in the nation.

2. Products - To identify the Commonwealth's aviation needs and deliver those products and services in a timely manner

3. Processes - To analyze and streamline our processes making our system more user-friendly and responsive to our customers.

4. Perceptions - To increase positive awareness of the agency mission through education and communication.

5. Financial - To actively communicate the agency’s fiscal accomplishments and future needs.

IV. Organizational Values:

1. Service - We are proud to represent Virginia's aviation community, and recognize that providing quality service to our customers is our number one priority.

2. Professionalism - We are dedicated professionals working as a team and will treat our customers and each other with courtesy and respect.

3. Accountability - We use best business practices and sound judgment in support of our aviation network and are accountable for our actions to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

4. Innovation - We encourage innovative thinking and pursue creative solutions that add value for our customers or improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our organization.

5. Balance - We strive for healthy balance in our organization, providing for community involvement, personal and professional growth, and quality family relationships.

Quality Policy

The Virginia Department of Aviation is committed to ensuring support and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.  DOAV understands the importance of continual improvement and has implemented internal processes to help ensure ongoing improvements in the efficiency and consistency of our operations. 

The entire DOAV team is devoted to the ongoing execution and support of this policy.





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