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The Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV) conducted an economic impact study to examine the impact of the Commonwealth’s airport system to the State’s economy and to raise awareness of the value that Virginia’s 66 public-use airports provide for its citizens.

We hope this study encourages decision makers, at all levels in both the public and private sectors, to support their local airports.

About the Study
The Statewide Economic Impact Study for the Virginia Air Transportation System examines Virginia airports’ wide range of benefits and economic contributions to both residents and visitors.  Specifically, the study surveys Virginia’s airport managers, airport tenants, airport-dependent businesses, aircraft owners and airport visitors to determine the impact that the Commonwealth’s airports have on the economy.  A thorough analysis of both on-airport and off-airport spending was conducted. 

The study team coordinated their efforts with the Commonwealth’s Statewide Multi-Modal Transportation Plan as well as the Virginia Aerospace Economic Impact Study being conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University.  In addition, the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration were involved in the study to ensure comprehensive results. 

VA Airport System Economic Impact Study Executive Summary CoverWhy this Study is Important
The Virginia aviation community is a very important part of the Commonwealth’s economy.  Besides being a critical part of the state’s transportation system, airports provide a wide range of benefits, such as stimulating tourism, facilitating transport of goods, as well as providing an array of positive quality-of-life impacts.  With 66 airports in Virginia’s system of public-use airports, this study is critical in fostering an understanding of the economic value that the Commonwealth’s airports provide to Virginia. 

Virginia Airport System Economic Impact Study

Virginia Airport System Economic Impact Study Executive Summary

Virginia Airport System Economic Impact Study Technical Report


Study Preparation Documents and Materials

January 26, 2011 Study Update Webinar Presentation

September 27, 2010 Virginia Department of Aviation launches economic impact study of Virginia’s airports

July 14, 2010 Webinar (wmv)

July 14, 2010 Kickoff Webinar Presentation




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