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The Director's Office provides timely information to the Governor, the Secretary of Transportation, the Virginia Aviation Board and the citizens of Virginia relating to the Commonwealth’s air transportation system, air carrier air service and all aspects of aviation policy.  The Director’s office is also responsible for human resources, licensing and the enforcement of aviation laws for the Commonwealth.  The Director and his/her staff evaluate commercial airline service patterns, service levels, and demand data in coordination with airport sponsors and local jurisdictions in an effort to enhance domestic and international air service; monitor the impact of federal regulatory activity on Virginia's airports and aviation system; and serve as the legislative liaison for the Department.  The Director’s Office administers the compliance and security programs for proper licensing of aircraft and airports, as well as assisting airports and the TSA to better secure the air transportation system in the Commonwealth.   

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn,
Director of Aviation
(804) 236-3625



Laurie Brown,
Office Manager
(804) 774-4632, ext. 44632




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