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Communications and Education Division

The Communications and Education Division is responsible for promoting Virginia's airports, marketing aviation and projecting a positive image of the Department and the air transportation system throughout the Commonwealth.  Financial and technical assistance is also provided to Virginia's airports to help support their public relations, advertising and marketing programs. The Division develops market plans to increase aviation interests, writes press releases, produces publications and promotes aviation and Virginia's aviation programs through educational and aviation awareness programs, speaking engagements, briefing documents and trade shows.


John Campbell,
Communications and Education Division
(804) 236-3631, ext. 63631

Darcy Vassar,
Aircraft Licensing Program Manager
(804) 774-4633, ext 44633

Public Relations Section:

Betty P. Wilson,
Public Relations Manager
(804) 225-3783, ext. 53783

Kim Wells,
Public Relations Specialist
(804) 774-4634, ext. 44634

Andrew Crider,
Customer Relations Specialist
(804) 774-4635, ext. 44635




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