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Aviation education and aviation awareness programs are going on throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia for the benefit of citizens of all ages. They may be structured, full-time activities, such as high school and post secondary aviation programs, or one-time events such as airport open houses or Young Eagles days. Regardless of their format, these programs inform participants about the importance of aviation to both our state and rest of the country, open young minds to a much wider range of future career possibilities, and ultimately, invite young and old to experience the excitement and fun that aviation has always represented to our nation. To make resources available to those who need them, the Virginia Department of Aviation operates an Aviation Education Resource Center which provides aviation education and career materials to Virginia educators; as well as clubs, organizations, and other entities.

Virginia Aviation Education Programs

Aviation Teachers Grant Program ---

Aviation Art Contest ---

Aviation Scholarships ---

Other Virginia Aviation Education Programs for Teachers and Students ----

Virginia's Aviation High Schools

Other Education Contests/Workshops/Events/Awards

Virginia Flight Schools

Virginia Colleges/Technical Schools with Aviation Programs

College and University Associations

Virginia Aviation Museums

Other Aviation Education Web Sites in Virginia

Aviation and Space Education Events

NASA Aviation Education Resources

Aviation Scholarships

Becoming a Pilot

Other Sources of Aviation Education Information

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