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Virginia's Public Use Airports
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Abingdon (Virginia Highlands Airport - VJI) VJI Site VJI

VJI (hi), VJI (low)

Blacksburg (VA Tech Montgomery Executive Airport - BCB) BCB Site BCB BCB (hi), BCB (low) BCB Wx
Blackstone (Blackstone Army Air Field/A.C. Perkinson - BKT) None BKT BKT (low), BKT (hi)  
Bridgewater (Bridgewater Airpark - VBW) None VBW VBW (low), VBW (hi)  
Brookneal (Brookneal-Campbell County Airport - 0V4) 0V4 Site 0V4 0V4 (low), 0V4 (hi)  
Bumpass (Lake Anna Airport - 7W4) None 7W4 7W4 (low), 7W4 (hi)  
Charlottesville (Charlottesville-Albemarle County Airport - CHO) CHO Site CHO CHO (low), CHO (hi) CHO Wx
Chase City (Chase City Airport - CXE) None CXE CXE (low), CXE (hi)  
Clarksville ( Lake Country Regional Airport - W63) W63 Site W63 W63 (low), W63 (hi)  
Crewe (Crewe Municipal Airport - W81) None W81 W81 (low), W81 (hi)  
Culpeper (Culpeper Regional Airport - CJR)

CJR Site

CJR CJR (low), CJR (hi) CJR Wx
Danville (Danville Regional Airport - DAN) DAN Site DAN DAN (low), DAN (hi) DAN Wx
Dublin (New River Valley Airport - PSK) None PSK PSK (low), PSK (hi) PSK Wx
Emporia (Emporia-Greensville Regional Airport - EMV) EMV Site EMV EMV (low), EMV (hi) EMV Wx
Farmville (Farmville Regional Airport - FVX) FVX Site FVX FVX (low), FVX (hi) FVX Wx
Forest (New London Airport - W90) W90 Site W90 W90 (low) , W90 (hi)  
Franklin (Franklin Municipal Airport - FKN) FKN FKN FKN (low), FKN (hi) FKN Wx
Fredericksburg (Shannon Airport - EZF) None EZF EZF (low), EZF (hi) EZF Wx
Front Royal (Front Royal-Warren County Airport - FRR) FRR Site FRR FRR (low), FRR (hi)  
Galax-Hillsville (Twin County Airport - HLX) HLX Site HLX HLX (low), HLX (hi) HLX Wx
Gordonsville (Gordonsville Municipal Airport - GVE) GVE Site GVE GVE (low), GVE (hi)  
Grundy (Grundy Municipal Airport - GDY) None GDY GDY (low), GVE (hi)  
Hot Springs (Ingalls Field - HSP) None HSP HSP (low), HSP (hi) HSP Wx
Jonesville (Lee County Airport - 0VG) None 0VG 0VG (low), 0VG (hi)  
Kenbridge (Lunenburg County Airport - W31) None W31 W31 (low), W31 (hi)  
Lawrenceville (Lawrenceville-Brunswick County Airport - LVL) LVL Site LVL LVL (low), LVL (hi)  
Leesburg (Leesburg Executive Airport - JYO) JYO Site JYO JYO (low), JYO (hi) JYO Wx
Louisa (Louisa County Airport/Freeman Field - LKU) None LKU LKU (low), LKU (hi) LKU Wx
Luray (Luray Caverns Airport - W45) Luray Site W45 W45 (low), W45 (hi)  
Lynchburg (Falwell Airport - W24) None W24 W24 (low), W24 (hi)  
Lynchburg (Lynchburg Regional Airport - LYH) LYH Site LYH LYH (low), LYH (hi) LYH Wx
Manassas (Manassas Municipal Airport - HEF) HEF Site HEF HEF (low), HEF (hi) HEF Wx
Marion (Mountain Empire Airport - MKJ) MKJ Site MKJ MKJ (low), MKJ (hi) MKJ Wx
Martinsville (Blue Ridge Airport - MTV) MTV Site MTV MTV (low), MTV (hi) MTV Wx
Melfa (Accomack County Airport - MFV) MFV Site MFV MFV (low), MFV (hi) MFV Wx
Moneta (Smith Mountain Lake Airport - W91) None W91 W91 (low), W91 (hi)  
New Market (New Market Airport - 8W2) None 8W2 8W2 (low), 8W2 (hi)  
Newport News (Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport - PHF) PHF Site PHF PHF (low), PHF (hi) PHF Wx
Norfolk/Chesapeake (Chesapeake Regional Airport - CPK) CPK Site CPK CPK (low), CPK (hi) CPK Wx
Norfolk/Portsmouth (Hampton Roads Executive Airport - PVG) PVG Site PVG PVG (low), PVG (hi)  
Norfolk (Norfolk International Airport - ORF) ORF Site ORF ORF (low), ORF (hi) ORF Wx
Orange (Orange County Airport - OMH) OMH Site OMH OMH (low), OMH (hi) OMH Wx
Petersburg (Dinwiddie County Airport - PTB) PTB Site PTB PTB (low), PTB (hi) PTB Wx
Quinton (New Kent County Airport - W96) W96 Site W96 W96 (low), W96 (hi)  
Richlands (Tazewell County Airport - JFZ) JFZ Site JFZ JFZ (low), JFZ (hi) JFZ Wx
Richmond/Chesterfield (Chesterfield County Airport - FCI) FCI Site FCI FCI (low), FCI (hi)  
Richmond (Richmond International Airport - RIC) RIC Site RIC RIC Photo RIC Wx
Richmond/Ashland (Hanover County Airport - OFP)

OFP Site

OFP OFP (low), OFP (hi) OFP Wx
Roanoke ( Roanoke Regional Airport - ROA) ROA Site ROA ROA (low)
ROA (high)
Saluda (Hummel Field - W75) W75 Site W75 W75 (low), W75 (hi)  
South Boston (William M. Tuck Airport - W78) W78 Site W78 W78 (low), W78 (hi)  
South Hill (Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport - AVC) AVC Site AVC AVC (low), AVC (hi) AVC Wx
Stafford (Stafford Regional Airport - RMN) RMN Site RMN RMN (low), RMN (hi) RMN Wx
Staunton (Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport - SHD) SHD Site SHD SHD (low), SHD (hi) SHD Wx
Suffolk (Suffolk Executive Airport - SFQ) SFQ Site SFQ SFQ (low), SFQ (hi) SFQ Wx
Tangier (Tangier Island Airport - TGI) None TGI TGI (low), TGI (hi)  
Tappahannock (Tappahannock-Essex County Airport - XSA) XSA Site XSA XSA (low), XSA (hi)  
Wakefield (Wakefield Municipal Airport - AKQ) None AKQ AKQ (low), AKQ (hi) AKQ Wx
Warrenton (Warrenton-Fauquier Airport - HWY) HWY Site HWY HWY (low), HWY (hi)  
Washington, D.C. (Washington Dulles International Airport - IAD) IAD Site IAD IAD (low), IAD (hi) IAD Wx
Washington, D.C. (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - DCA) DCA Site DCA DCA (low), DCA (hi) DCA Wx
Waynesboro (Waynesboro/Eagles Nest - W13) W13 Site W13 W13 (low), W13 (hi)  
West Point (Middle Peninsula Regional Airport - FYJ) FYJ Site FYJ FJI (low), FJI (hi) FYJ Wx
Williamsburg (Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport - JGG) JGG Site JGG JGG (low), JGG (hi) JGG Wx
Winchester (Winchester Regional Airport - OKV) OKV OKV OKV (low), OKV (hi) OKV Wx
Wise (Lonesome Pine Airport - LNP) LNP LNP LNP (low), LNP (hi) LNP Wx
Virginia Airport Directory 2017 - Summer Update (160 MB)